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Pilates gives you a whole body workout. It is a gentle form of exercises performed slowly working with the breath. It is suitable for a wide variety of people as the exercise can be modified for different people. Participants age varies from 20 to 80, all are welcome. All the Pilates I teach is mat based and is practiced in standing, siting and lying down positions.

The exercises are designed to help you to stretch, strengthen and improve muscle balance and tone. Improved posture, balance and flexibility are the benefits commented on by most of my pupils. Pilates promotes a stronger more supportive core.

It is often relaxing, a slice of time in the day for you.

Benefits of Pilates - pilates equipment


Pilates is well suited to develop and improve your fitness for riding and therefore your ability to sit on and move well with the horse. Exercises to improve strength, balance and flexibility form the foundation of Pilates for horse riders. Improving these areas and integrating them into riding, allows the rider to move more fluidly with the horse. Improved riding posture and balance eases the horse’s job in carrying the rider.

I teach specific Pilates exercises focusing on balance, strength and flexibility to help reduce common postural and movement imbalances that may compromise the riding position. Whether you just ride for fun and enjoyment or are at competing regularly, Pilates can help to improve riding skills and ultimately the communication between horse and rider.

I teach Pilates for horse riders in individual 121 Pilates sessions or if you would like to get together with a few friends, you can share a private lesson with up to 3 others. Alternatively your horse riding will still benefit from attending one of the regular classes.

Teaching Pilates for horse riders is a natural progression for me. I attended Bishop Burton College of Agriculture at the beginning of my career, qualifying as a BHSAI and obtaining the Diploma in Equine and Business Studies. I went on to teach and train horses and riders and still have my own horses. Pilates for horse riders gives me the chance to combine my passion for horse riding and Pilates and I know first hand the difference Pilates can make to the horse rider.

Pilates classes for Horse Riders by Sharon at Barry Pilates, Wales